Aboday is a colossal effort in maintaining the co-existence of three different brains. At some point, three years after we established our company, we realized that our differences are something we can rely on to complete one another. Imagine how boring it would’ve been, to hear the same voice and style, when we can enjoy more tunes and different dances. The three of us have the freedom to individually exercise what we believe and this is what sets Aboday apart from the other firms. In order to minimize the excess, Aboday intends to detach from the binds of genre and style, or any community that has the potential of causing friction. As an organization, this set-up will bring Aboday forward through time, even when the three of us are no longer inside it. We continue our efforts to experiment on organization and profession as a way of finding the perfect formula to create balance among growing surroundings and contradictions.

Archipelago International is Indonesia’s largest operator of hotels, condotels, resorts, serviced suites and branded residences, spanning more than 18,500 rooms and apartments under management for property owners in Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. Our eight core brands occupy the largest accommodation portfolio in Indonesia, captained by our highly experienced management team and supported by more than 15,000 people who oversee 134 hotels and serve developers on more than 110 ongoing projects. We work with more than 100 different owners ranging from traditional family  Businesses and small budget hotels, to some of the largest developers in the region executing multi-million dollar investments. With a diverse asset base, unique expertise in condotel set ups, streamlined and centralized operations, advanced IT infrastructure and industry leading e-commerce and sales & marketing teams, we are one of the strongest hospitality management companies in SE Asia.

PT Indra Megah Makmur as a leader in luxury sector for 35 years, our company has a long established reputation for detailed craftsmanship and exquisite design in jewelry. Expanding to a new business sector, we are committed to bring those values into every development we build. Each project must reflect our passion for luxury and appreciation for the finer things in life. As a developer company, we aim to create places that bring values to stakeholders and the environment – each one should be an iconic mark of our competence and excellence.


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